Welcome Back / West Central Texas (WBWCT) has set as its mission to show the love of Jesus Christ by assisting the Returning Citizens as they return to society, to have the tools they will need to lead a fulfilled and productive life in their respective counties.

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If you would like to be a part of this ministry by having your Church, Mission or Organization listed under 'All Resources', we would love to hear from you.
Email us: info@wbwct.org
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Fidelity Bond Program

Texas Workforce Commission

For Employers and job seekers:

Workforce Solutions offers federal fidelity bonding for justice-involved men and women returning home to restart their lives. Fidelity Bond Program reduces barriers for ex-offenders, as well as others who have difficulty securing employment and getting their lives back on track, building strong, and healthy communities.

Fidelity Bond Program Offers:

Insurance to protect employers against potential employee dishonesty Indemnification for a single, specific employer-employee relationship.

  • The fidelity bond is free for six months. After six months, bonding becomes the companies’ responsibility.
  • The coverage is usually for $5,000, but can be more, and there is no deductible to pay.
  • There are no forms to fill out and no long processing time.
  • The coverage can start almost right away.

CLICK HERE For More Information on Fidelity Booding Program.

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas operates 11 Workforce Centers located throughout 14 counties surrounding Dallas and Tarrant counties, and shares the Alliance Workforce Center (located in Tarrant County) with Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County.

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