Welcome Back / West Central Texas (WBWCT) has set as its mission to show the love of Jesus Christ by assisting ex-offenders as they return to society to have the tools they will need to lead a fulfilled and productive life in their respective county.

Churches, Ministries, Missions, and Organizations

If you would like to be a part of this ministry by having your Church or Mission listed under 'Resources For You', we would love to hear from you. Contact us at info@wbwct.org.

Thank You!

Resource Servant

Before we define a resource servant, we will define a resource. A resource is any secular or non-secular ministry or mission that will provide assistance or make available goods or services that will help the returning ex-offender transition into society and Christian fellowship.

A resource volunteer is critical to the success of this ministry. As a resource volunteer, you will be expected to personally contact churches, missions, and ministries (both secular and non-secular) in your assigned county.

The purpose of contacting these entities is to first let them know and understand the purpose of WBWCT, then identify what resources are available and offered to our men and women as they come out from the incarceration experience and back to society.

This information will then be placed into a database that is accessible from our/this web site. Once in the database, a system will be implemented to maintain and update this information.

As a result, the resource volunteer will be the liaison between WBWCT and the resource.

Those giving and given the information are dependent upon WBWCT and especially you, that the entities listed are open to receiving them and provide the service or services they have stated. Failure in being current can result in a negative or embarrassing experience for both parties. So you can see the importance of your position.

To qualify as a Resource Volunteer, the volunteer should:

  • have time to travel and visit various potential and existing resources in your county

  • be personable.

  • be a good communicator.

  • enjoy paying attention to detail.

  • be committed to maintaining a follow up procedure with their existing contacts.

  • be enthusiastic in finding new contacts in their respective county.