Welcome Back / West Central Texas (WBWCT) has set as its mission to show the love of Jesus Christ by assisting ex-offenders as they return to society to have the tools they will need to lead a fulfilled and productive life in their respective county.

Churches, Ministries, Missions, and Organizations

If you would like to be a part of this ministry by having your Church or Mission listed under 'Resources For You', we would love to hear from you. Contact us at info@wbwct.org.

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Requirements and suggestions for a WBWCT Servant Greeter

As a servant greeter you are the contact person representing your local church. It is suggested you be the main contact through the church office whenever an ex-offender desires to visit your church or would just like more information.

Your responsibility as a greeter is to return the call or contact another greeter in your church to coordinate a meeting place at the church i.e. a main entrance or a location in the church parking lot.

You, as a greeter, will be one of the first persons from your church to meet the ex-offender. You need to remember that "first impressions are lasting impressions" and not only of yourself but also of your church.

Your main purpose as a greeter is to make the ex-offender feel welcome and help him, her or the family locate nurseries, classes and help them in understanding your churches worship service by trying to answer questions they may have about the church.

While not necessary, we encourage the greeters to be ex-offenders or of individuals with jail ministry experience for the benefit of the ex-offenders visiting.

General guide for greeters:

  • Ask the visitor about who, how many, the names and ages of those who are going to visit and which serviced they plan to attend.
  • Let them know where the restroom facilities are located.
  • Let them know where any social areas i.e. coffee, donuts, information tables etc… are located.
  • Ask if they would like to meet the pastor.
  • Introduce them by name as a friend(s) to friends.
  • Commit to meeting them another time or two until they are comfortable.
  • If they would like, take them to a class or nursery and introduce them to the class leader as visitors.
  • Don't bring up or ask about their offense, or incarceration. If they bring it up that is natural and fine. It would be an indicator that they are comfortable.

Remember your goal at this time is to make them feel welcome and to provide them information to help them decide if your church is for them.